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My solutions to the Machine Learning for Trading course exercises.
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This is my solution to the ML4T course exercises. The main page for the course is here. The page contains a link to the assignments. There are eight projects in total. The summer 2020 page is here.

To set up the environment I have installed the following packages on my Linux Manjaro based system.

sudo pacman -S python-pandas --asdeps python-pandas-datareader python-numexpr \
               python-bottleneck python-jinja python-scipy python-matplotlib  \

I am also using mplfinance to plot candlestick-charts. You can install mplfinance via pip and find the tutorial here.

pip install mplfinance --user

I have included the archived version of the exercise. To extract them run the following command. The -n flag makes unzip never overwrite existing files.

unzip -n zips/*.zip -d ./