AntiDrift is an app that empowers you to utilize your computer mindfully.

Updated 3 days ago

My solutions to the fantastic Microcorruption exercises.

Updated 2 months ago

My solutions to the Coursera Discrete Optimization course. Possibly the hardest class I have ever taken.

Updated 5 months ago

Script that annotates Pokemon: the Origin of the Species epub with links to descriptions of the Pokemon.

Updated 6 months ago

Generate passwords in time.

Updated 10 months ago

Repository for the Intro to AI class by UC Berkeley.

Updated 10 months ago

My solutions to Project Euler problems.

Updated 2 years ago

My solutions to the Machine Learning for Trading course exercises.

Updated 2 years ago

A Python implementation of TagTime.

Updated 2 years ago

Scripts to transform different input formats (CSV and OFX) into ledger accounting files.

Updated 3 years ago